Crisis communication

Take control of the narrative through coordinated and timely communication.

The best way to deal with a crisis is to be prepared

As a company or organization, it is inevitable that at some point it will be hit by a crisis. It doesn’t have to be a major crises, but all companies – regardless of size – need to be prepared for how they act on the day the crisis is a fact. And how they act to, in the best way, prevent – or at least mitigate it.

A crisis can cause great damage to your brand and its reputation. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to act based on clear instructions and procedures in advance – something I can help with.

Coordinated communication at the right time

When a crisis occurs, it is important to, as far as possible, counteract the spread of rumors and prevent ambiguities. Preparation, being properly prepared, is essential when it comes to crisis communication and crisis management.

I can help you develop a crisis management plan based on your specific and unique situation and help you when the crisis is a reality.

Curious about what PR and content can do for you and your business?

Whether you need help to develop a PR and content plan and/or strategy from scratch or want to increase the media impact of an individual PR activity in Sweden, Denmark or Norway (or in all markets), I can help you.

I believe in action and therefore like to start with a test activity to test out, and so that you can see it all works and also feel safe with the process as well as with me.

Contact me for an informal meeting and I will be happy to tell you more. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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