Everything starts with a good story

LFPR & Content - a small Malmö-based PR agency with a big impact

LFPR & Content is the small, strategic PR and content agency in Malmö that ensures your company and your brand stand out from the media noise.

The agency is so small that it actually consists of only one person – and that person is me, Lovisa Fredriksson, who has worked in the PR and communications industry for over 15 years.

I am convinced that everything starts with a good story and that everyone has a good story to tell. Sometimes, or even most of the time, however, you may need help to see the forest for the trees, that is, to find those nuggets that make your offer and your company interesting.

But, let me ensure you – they are there. And my speciality is to help you bring them out and package them in a way that piques the interest of your target audiences as well as the media.

My focus is on creating value for my clients. Through a combination of experience and knowledge and my ability to adapt to different industries and areas, I can help you achieve your communication goals and take your brand and your company to new heights.

This is LFPR & Content

Expertise in various industries

The majority of the clients I work with are B2B companies operating in tech/IT and industry and lifestyle, but I have documented experience and knowledge from many other areas. I work both on the Swedish market as well as in the rest of the Nordic region, sometimes on my own and sometimes together with trusted partners.

Quick understanding and adaptation

With over 15 years of industry experience, I have developed an ability to quickly understand even the most complex topics and explain these in a more accessible way - both to your target groups and to media.

Clear and comprehensible communication

I believe in making the complicated simple. Through clear communication that focuses on customer benefit, I ensure that your message reaches your target groups in an effective and engaging way.

Successful collaborations with leading enterprises as well as local startups

During my years as a PR consultant, I have worked with and delivered very good results for many, often complex assignments and projects in the Nordic market - both for well-known, well-established companies and local startups. No task is too small or too big.

Services include

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